Zero Hour

Zero Hour

Being thousands of miles from home is always a daunting prospect, but at the apocalypse it’s astronomically unthinkable. Jack Lee was just outside L.A. when the most devastating war the world has ever seen begun. He was also there when it ended, over in almost an instant. Jack survived the attack, but he was on the other side of the country from his wife and son. Not knowing if his family were still alive, Jack sets out on the long journey home, his legs his only mode of transport. To get back to his family he had to survive, but he didn’t yet know the dangers that lay in front of him.

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Time To Kill

Time To Kill

Life couldn’t get much better for Ethan Dunn. His wife had just given birth to his first son, and his business was going from strength to strength. That all changed in an instant, when Ethan found himself face to face with a deadly character from his dark past. In a fit of rage, he lashed out and killed him. Ethan must dispose of the body and confront the demons from his past. He sets out to investigate the long unsolved murder of his parents on a danger-filled quest to bring the culprits to justice. The deeper he searches, the further into darkness he falls. Ethan does not yet know how far he is willing to go to survive and protect his family from the danger that he faces. From an author who has been compared to James Patterson and Ian Rankin, this gripping story will keep you hooked from start to finish.



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