A fast paced, action packed novel. Time To Kill has a compelling storyline that has the reader gripped from beginning to end with a conclusion illustrating the true potential of Baillie as an emerging writer. 

Kirsty N, UK   22 Nov 2012


Picked this book up on Friday and couldn't put it down. Good read, well paced and with a thought provoking message around what we would do when pushed by bad things in our past. Looking forward to another book from DM Baillie

Bob, UK  25 Nov 2012

Great book to read, couldn't put it down had to finish it just to find out what happened. This is the authors first book, can't wait for the next. Hopefully is as good. Would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Davie, UK  28 Nov 2012

Time To Kill has a gripping storyline, if you're looking for a book which keeps you turning the pages from start to finish then you can't go wrong with this book. I would recommend it to anyone.

FF, UK  09 Dec 2012

Time To Kill what a great read for a first time author, could not put it down had to read start to finish.

John, UK  10 Dec 2012


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